Meet the Gang


Adrian Edward

Adrian Edward

Music Aficionado, Songwriter, Designer and Instructor
Nickname: Age

Age(nickname) discovered music at 14 and from there became obsessed with everything about how to make it and play it. He put himself through high school 2 years earlier so he could go straight into his music education and then went straight into classical and later jazz training. As  Age does most things, it was music day, night and summers. Music all the time. It was all about skill, theory, practice and how to make his own music.

He later took his creativity to the next stage by forming a band under his own name to showcase and put to work his skills not only as a performer but as an amazing songwriter. Along the way  imparting this passion to others.

Today, he’s the music therapist at The Guild for Exceptional Children where he teaches children to use music as a means to communicate with the outside world. He also maintains a list of private students. And because he loves what he does he turns learning music into a full interactive experience. He’ll make you love learning.

  • Things that Rock: B Horror movies, juggling, the World Cup & good burgers.
  • Things that DO NOT Rock: Cold weather, loud talkers & close talkers.



Pub­lic Rela­tions and Latin Amer­i­can Liaison

Adriana  is a true people person and great at organizing and managing projects.  She radiates warmth and creates a sense of family and togetherness wherever she goes.

She continues in one of our family’s many creative sides, fashion. One grandmother worked for an Italian men’s designer for many years and our other grandmother was an amazingly talented, self taught bridal gown designer and creator. Adriana has been in the fashion industry for 15 years working with prominent fashion houses such as Ralph Lauren, Oscar de La Renta, Ermenegildo Zegna and Versace.

Adriana also has a stong background in languages, studied translation at New York University, and worked as an interpreter and English instructor to top executives in Buenos Aires.  She is currently focusing heavily on the development of our Spanish site, due to the overwhelming demand of these music courses in Spanish across the U.S. and Latin America.

  • Things that Rock: The beach, good books, family, New York City, a warm smile, traveling & a great pair of boots
  • Things that DO NOT Rock: Harsh winters, bad hair days, rude people & bad spelling


Mariel in NYCMariel

Tech Guru & Creative MacGyver

Marketing, Finance & Web Mgmt

With the creative juices flowing in the family Mariel was a quick learner from very early on: – grandpa was an amazing sculptor and dad a brilliant painter.  Picking up sewing skills and design from mom and grandma everything seemed necessary to learn.

As a teenager, she was already designing clothes and winning awards in photography. At 17 she designed, produced and photographed her own fashion show.

Knowing that creativity and business was her future, she left NYU to begin her first company exporting lingerie to South America, then onto create a graphic/web design company, a silk-screening business and various internet projects. At the same time building her artistic skills at Parsons School of Design and Fashion Institute of Technology in New York as well as working on fashion runway shows with such labels as Carolina Herrera, Custo Barcelona, Dolce & Gabbana, etc.

In her early 20’s,  she “ran away with the circus” ( Cirque du Soleil ) to work with the incredibly talented artists, musicians & crew where she learned to play the drums and the djembe and got to learn french (Quebecois) as well.

Currently she continues to work on various business ventures as well as on her photography and design projects.

A talented cook, designer & entrepreneur -oh and did I tell you she can do a mean cartwheel?

  • Things that DO NOT Rock: Ketchup, Normal Hours, Warm/Flat beer and Gum (buagh!)
  • Things that Rock: Tools, old cameras & vintage anything , racing games, New York  &  Pine Bros. cough drops  (They’re back!)