What is a Chord Progression?

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The Goal: Learning chord progressions and building Major and minor chords

A chord progression is a series of chords that seeks to establish a ‘tonality’ or ‘key’ for a particular piece or song.

When you a song is in the key of ‘G’, you can assume that not only will the song begin and end on a G chord but also that the other chords used will be a a tonal relation to G major as well. This ensures that the songs sound harmonious and generally pleasing to our ears.

of course there are exceptions to these rules, including deliberate use of chords not in a specific key but the majority of what we listen to on the radio is played in a specific key with chord progressions relating to that key.

In order to play chord progressions, we will need to learn how to build chords and that is our focus in this chapter. We will look at building Major and minor chords on any key using a simple easy to execute formula.