What if you're time to learn the piano has passed you by?

fIf I told you the amount of times I have heard this question, it easily numbers in the thousands. Whether because of age, skill or time, many people feel that the window to learning piano is long gone and never to be recovered. Perhaps you think it’s something that can only be taken up by a young child or someone with loads of time to dedicated. 

I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong! You most certainly can learn the piano! The piano is a wonderful instrument with a very friendly learning curve. No matter what you’ve been taught to think about learning music I am here to break that all down and tell you that you can. But who am I?

I Started "Late" in the Game

Growing up, I never really had an interest in playing the piano. I was too busy skateboarding, playing video games (Super Mario Bros. and Pac-Man) and surrounded by friends who were into the same things. Music was not on my radar at all. 

Fast forward to high school and I was required to take either an art class or a music class. My dad was a painter and I had tried that, unsuccessfully, already and was open to a music class. I thought, “why not?” Is sat in front of our keyboards and Mrs. Zelenski, our piano teacher began to explain the principals of music and how to play our first note on the piano. 

It was like I discovered gold for the first time. Where had I been my whole life and why didn’t I know anything about music. I fell in love right then and there and haven’t stopped since. I loved the way music looked on paper, I loved the way music notation worked ad most of all, I felt so proud when I played my first notes on the piano. 

I never looked back. Fortunately, I didn’t have anyone tell me that starting at 15 was late for studying music. Had I had anyone discouraging me, I likely would have stopped and thought my time had passed. Not only did it not pass, my obsession grew. 

2 Years Later I was a Music Major in College

Not only did I not stop, I praticed my way into getting into the music program at Hunter College in NYC. The professors auditioning me asked me over and over if it was true that I had only been playing for 2 years. I knew they thought I was lying. But I didn’t care! I made it into the program and it changed my life. 

I can’t tell you how much music has added to my life and specifically learning how to play the piano. Listening to music is one thing, but to actively participate in creating it is another and much more rewarding. 

I went on to record two albums, tour in the US and Europe, became a music therapist for 10 years and even continued to becoming a guitar teacher at the prestigious Collegiate School in NYC. There is nothing I love more than to teach someone to learn an instrument and see their eyes light up when they can finally play that first song.

Now It's Your Turn

Use me as a reminder that it’s never too late. No one should miss the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. Your piano and music experience will change you as a person, I promise you that. Let’s do this!