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Singing Everyone has the ability to sing and the aim of this course is to help you discover your own unique voice. As you work through the lessons, try not to copy other singers but explore and develop your own sound instead.

This course is intended for anyone who hasn’t had lessons before or who has a limited amount of singing knowledge. You don’t need to read music but as you progress you may start to recognize notes and rhythmic patterns.

All exercises will have practice tracks so you can sing on your own and sound great. The exercises are demonstrated by your instructor, Jenny Luna and each exercise reinforces a particular topic and singing skill

In this course, we will cover:

  • Proper Breathing & Posture
  • Warming Up
  • Singing Vowels
  • Singing Consonants
  • Vocal Care
  • Basic Music Reading Primer
See you inside for your first lesson and get ready to sing your heart out!