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The Goal: Playing a typical montuno rhythm on the piano

C Chord on the PianoThe following 2-bar pattern is the most typical montuno rhythm, consisting of a phrase with two strong beats and seven up-beats. This rhythm is directly derived from a typical tres pattern.

The C Chord is formed from three of the keys in the C 5-Finger Position: C E G

When we play all three notes at the same time, it is called a Block Chord. If we play the three notes one at a time, then it is called a Broken Chord.


Typical Montuno Rhythm


Dotted Half Notes last for three(3) beats.

Dotted Half Notes

[tab:Sheet Music]

Play the following C Chords. Be sure to hold the chord down for the length of each note.

Solid and Broken Chords


Print out worksheet for Day 3

Day 3 Chord Worlsheet


Rhythmic Values

rhythmic values


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