Episode #2: How to Play “Someone Like You”




Someone Like You

In this week’s Tip of the Week, we are learning to play the opening theme from Someone Like You by Adele. It is a simple progression with 16th notes in the right hand and whole notes in the left hand. Be sure to practice each hand separate and then bring them together.

If you want to tackle the entire song, I’ve also included below, the chords used in the song as well as a link to a chord chart so you can play and sing it. Have fun and enjoy playing this wonderful song. You’ll also see the range of notes needed to read all the chords in this lesson. Always practice reading notes because it gets easier with time.


Aug 12 Someone Like You by Adele

Click here for Chord Chart for Someone Like You

Other Chords for Someone Like You

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    Thank you!!! 🙂 I thank God that He made you and placed you in my life. You will never know how each lesson makes my dreams come true. God Bless you!

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