5 Tips for a better Practice Session


What do you when you sit at the piano?

If you’re a musician, there is always a song, piece or tune that you are working on. I have found that many of use become great at playing the beginning of the song, but for some reason find it difficult to finish the it. I want to give you a few points of practical advice from my experience that will help you finish any music you are working on.

  1. Set a time to practice every day, even if it’s only for a few minutes. Daily practice is better than one big practice a week. You will retain the music much better and give your fingers a chance to mechanically get used to the song.
  2. Don’t always start from the beginning of the song. Because the first few notes are usually our favorite, we tend to go back to the beginning to have a feeling of accomplishment. Instead, start from the middle of the piece. That way, the whole song will be better balanced and if your time is limited to practice, then you will give more time to the weakest parts which is what you want.
  3. Practice with a metronome or drumbeat. I can’t tell you how many people avoid a metronome like it’s the plague. Trust me, it’s your friend! lol! Practicing with a metronome or drumbeat if you have a drum machine will make your playing sound great, even and you can also bump up the tempo as far as you’d like later on.
  4. Work on at least 2 pieces at the same time. If you are only working on 1 song or piece of music, it’s easy to get bored or discouraged. If you have 2, then you can divide your time up between them and enjoy the learning process a lot more.
  5. Have fun! Too many musicians turn practice into a chore. It’s music, not calculus! Have a great time and share your talent with those around you.

happy playing