Your style is easy and comfortable…

Janet Fritsen

This is a fantastic website!

I wouldn’t change a thing. I like how the lessons are separated out and labeled so you can skip ahead if you’re already familiar. It’s very well laid out and easy to navigate. I like the video angles and the visuals. I love the repetition.

I’m sure you know that people need to hear things a minimum of three times to remember them….not only do you repeat the concepts, but you repeat with different wording in different places to give context to the concept. People do forget and don’t want to rewind. The gentle reminders are perfect. Your style is easy and comfortable…I could listen to you talk all night. Seriously.

You allow simplicity without showing off and intimidating people. You’re obviously extremely talented and it shows in your ability to take it slow and bring people along with the occasional tease of things to come. very well done….I’m hooked.

Janet Fritsen