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Online Piano Lesson Review by Tania

I have outgrown my Electric Keyboard and got myself a Baby Grand Piano…Yay me!!!

I’m very excited to write this review because I absolutely love this website. I usually don’t write reviews, however I do find them very useful when I am interested in purchasing something. I am an adult who has always been inspired to learn to play the piano, the guitar and even sing. However, my time and finances are limited. For me, it’s difficult to find the time to be able to attend a one or two hour weekly scheduled class.

With The Music Workshop, I have found the opportunity to be able to, not only afford the classes, but also work at my own pace, and for as long as I want. I can log on and practice my piano lessons just before I go to work and I find it relaxing to take on a few lessons just before I go to bed. The website is organized in such a manner that even children and adults with limited computer skills can navigate their way through it with great ease. It’s user friendly and fun to use.

And I am living proof that this program works. In fact, I’ve gotten good enough with my piano lessons that I have outgrown my BJ’s Electric Keyboard and got myself a Baby Grand Piano…Yay me!!!

Thanks again to the So, if you are a dedicated person, who truly loves piano, The Music Workshop is for you!

-Tania G.

30 Day Piano Guarantee

We are committed to providing you the best lessons to learn piano at home.

Learning piano is perhaps one of the most pleasurable experiences in life and that is why we developed easy to follow curriculum so you could focus more on learning and less time trying to put things together.

We know that it’s not always easy to take private lessons, whether it’s financial reasons or scheduling so we’ve made it simple to take the lessons straight from your computer and learn piano at home.

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How to Play Piano

The benefits of online piano lessons

Online piano lessons are an amazing way to learn to play the piano. Living in a day and age where so many of us are connected online and so much learning takes place online, learning the piano has also joined the skills we can learn.

Also, online piano lessons are very affordable compared to a face-to-face teachers. Also, many online piano lessons plans give you a few free introductory or trial lessons to see how well you like the program before deciding to buy it. You can save money from driving to the music studio or your teacher’s house this way.

Go at your own pace

Girl playing pianoAnother great advantage to online piano lessons is that you can review your lessons anytime and as many times as you want.
Plus there’s the chance that the teacher wouldn’t have really been able to get the material across anyway, so you can review it online as often as it takes you to understand. You can go as quickly or slowly as you like and proceed only when you understand the lesson material.


Beginner Online Piano LessonsOnline piano lessons can also help you to save time commuting to your studio or teacher’s house. This is good because almost everyone’s schedule is busy these days – why add more demands on your time when you can cut travel time out wherever possible? Also, you don’t have to worry about a teacher not being able to fit you into their schedule or not, just take online piano lessons whenever it suits you although it’s better to have a set time to practice each day.

You can try a few lessons free before having to spend a lot of money on private lessons, and they can serve as a springboard before you decide to move on to finding a piano teacher if you go that route. Mainly though, online piano lessons allow you to see whether it’s something you really want to devote your time and money to without too much of an initial investment.

Learn more about online piano lessons by visiting the main page of, or by browsing through our site.

We know your time is valuable and that’s why we want to give you the opportunity to learn piano around your schedule. Whether you have 15 minutes a day to spare or one hour, you will find our online piano courses the perfect way to learn. You’ve been putting off learning piano for too long and now there’s no excuse.

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