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"The website is organized in such a manner that even children and adults with limited computer skills can navigate their way through it with great ease and learn to play the piano. It’s user friendly and fun to use."
Tania G.
"You allow simplicity without showing off and intimidating people. You’re obviously extremely talented and it shows in your ability to take it slow and bring people along with the occasional tease of things to come. Very well done….I’m hooked."
Janet Fritsen
"My grand daughter has shown interest in wanting to learn how to play the piano and I think this summer when she is here visiting, I will start her out on your site. Thank you for teaching everyone how to play this beautiful instrument!"
Kris Stark
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The Ultimate Musical Foundation

There is no arguing the fact that the piano has become the ultimate foundation for just about every style of music. Virtually every composer in history has used the piano as the creative element for their compositions. Universities have piano courses at the heart of their music programs and branching out to other instruments is much easier when you start learning with the piano.

Be a Part of Music History

Piano history goes as far back as the 1600’s. The piano has provided us with such a rich musical history that is still alive and well today. When you learn the piano, you are part of that history and lineage. Even though the piano is such a critical instrument in history, it is still surprisingly easy to learn when studied properly. Being your piano lessons today.

the music workshopThere are over 10 MILLION pianos, baby grands, grand pianos and uprights in American homes, businesses, and institutions.

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Share the journey with the entire family.

Sharing the joy of playing the piano and creating music with the entire family is one of the most enjoyable features of taking online piano lessons. Many time parents are not involved in private lessons for their children. Now you can learn along with them and help them along their learning experience.

Give your children the gift of music and you can also enjoy it right along with them.

PIano Sheet Music

Read the Language of Music Just like any other language, the language of music must be learned to be read, spoken and finally played. The more fluent you become in this incredible language, the more access you have to endless amounts of timeless music that has been composed for the piano. We make sure to teach you fluency in this universal language.

Woman at Piano

Build a Proper Foundation Whenever we learn a new instrument like the piano, it’s tempting to want to rush right in and tackle the toughest things first. However, building a proper foundation ensures developing the right skills right from the start so you can become a great player.

Small Bites Each Day One habit that we recommend early on is practice your piano in small amounts every day. It is much better to approach it in small bites rather than try and get in 2 hours of playing catchup at the end of the week. Small bites every day lead to becoming an amazing piano player over time.