Salsa Piano Course

Salsa Piano Course

Day 1

A Little Salsa History
Rhythmic Foundation: The Clave

Day 2

Percussion: Congas, Timbales & Cowbell
The Bass Tumbao

Day 3

You First Piano Montuno
Two-Hand Montuno over Pulse

Day 4

Salsa Warm-up in 3rds
Salsa Warm-up in Octaves

Day 5

Rhythm is King: Clave over Pulse
Clave over Montuno and Tumbao Rhythms

phase 2- banner

Day 6

Bring in the Band! C6 Montuno | 2-3 Clave
Turn it Around! C6 Montuno | 2-3 Clave

Day 7

Cm6 (minor) Montuno | 2-3 Clave
Cm6 Montuno | 3-2 Clave

Day 8

I-IV-V Montuno in the key of C
I-IV-V Montuno in the key of F

Day 9

Montunos Using Octaves
A Little Spice with Passing Tones

Day 10

minor Montunos with Octaves
Some of this, Some of that!

phase 3- banner

Day 11

Left Hand Bass – the Tumbao
Lock in the Left Hand

Day 12

Let’s Bring it Together
Tumbao & minor Montuno

Day 13

Who Needs a Bass Player Anyway?
Making it minor I-IV-V

Day 14

Passing Tones & the Tumbao
Sixth Degree Hits

Day 15

King of the Band #1
King of the Band #2