30-Day August Sight Reading Challenge

Sight Reading Challenge

30 Day Sight Reading Challenge

I don’t know how many of us are out there but I LOVE sight reading. I know, I’m a weirdo. However, the importance of sight reading when it comes to learning the piano cannot be overstated. That is why I’ve created the 30 day august sight reading challenge. 

The rules are simple: Sight read a fixed amount of time every day for a month. After the month is over, I know you’ll be presently surprised at how much better you will be at sight reading. Join me on Instagram where I’ll be posting daily updates here.

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What is Sight Reading?

Sight reading gets a bad rap in music circles. Most students have a strange aversion to sight reading that I never quite understood myself. Simply put, sight reading is the skill of being able to read sheet music as quickly as possible to whatever instrument you are playing. 

It makes sense that the slower you are at sight reading, the longer it will take you to learn any new piece of music. This can prove to be extremely frustrating to beginners. I’ve had students that refused to practice sight reading that would stay on the same piece for months. That is no fun.

What Sight Reading is Not

Sight reading is NOT practicing. To get the most out of your sight reading time each day, you need to look at new music every time. Once you’ve learned it a little bit, it’s not really sight reading anymore. 

What we want to achieve it the ability to read music at first glance. Out goal is to read as much music as possible in a set amount of time. 

Benefits of Sight Reading

We practice sight reading for the same reasons we practice reading as children, to become more fluent in whatever language we are learning. Imagine how frustrating it would be if we had trouble reading out native language into our adulthood. It would be painful just to get through reading a cereal box, let alone a novel. 

Music is no different. We want our fluency with reading music to get better all the time. Consider how exciting it will be when you can read faster and learn pieces faster. There’s no better feeling as a musician. 

5 Minutes a Day

Now don’t get me wrong, you can do way more each day but 5 minutes is a good start. Remember that consistency is the key here. A little bit each day. 

Where Can I find Music to Sight Read?

There are tons of sources for music to sight read and I’ve listed a few below to give you options. Keep in mind that it’s not about finding the ‘perfect’ music but to just do it!

Soundswell Sight Reading | 4 Levels

Mutopia Project