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Reading Chord Charts to Any Song

Although all sheet music and charts will be provided for this course, I also want you to be able to build any chords you may need as you learn new songs in the future. The great news is that with a few simple rules, you can build any major or minor chord you may come across. This gives you the ability to play any song you want!

Keeping it Simple

As you continue your path of new songs and music, you will find that some chords look confusing. Instead of a D Chord, you may come across a D7#5, prompting the questions, “what the heck is that!” Do not despair. By playing the simpler version of any chords, that is a D instead of the D7#5, it will sound just fine and allow you to play any song. Later on, you can take a jazz course and learn all those fancy chords, but for now, let’s just have a great time and build some simple major and minor chords that will get the party going.

C major and minor - lesson

major and minor 3rds -website

CEG Major chord - lesson

C minor chord






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