Setting Musical Goals

Setting Goals

Setting personal, professional and other types of goals probably goes all the way back to the days of the caveman. However, most everyone I speak with about their goals either doesn’t have any or have set ones that are so hard to reach, they’re almost destined to fail.

What’s really great about setting goals is that if the right amount of effort goes into accomplishing whatever you set out for, it usually gets completed. The problem for most is actually setting goals, deciding what types of goals to set and then following through with the actual work that it takes to accomplish those goals.

Goals should always be 100% obtainable, but should also require an increased work effort to complete along with your normal day to day responsibilities.When thinking about goals, the rule of thumb is to make small, easy to manage goals. Usually goals should take no longer then 1 week to complete, but in most cases they can be completed that same day.

Setting small goals is one of the best ways to jump into goal setting. It allows you to set and accomplish goals on a regular basis and therefor builds your confidence for future goals that might require a lot more effort and time to complete.

Let’s say playing the piano is a goals you have for yourself. Although that is a great goal to have it is too vague and does not provide a way to measure it’s success. If on the other hand you break it down to wanting to be able to play a song by Adele in 3 months, then that is a goal you can reach for.

Once you have that goal set, it’s then time to set small incremental goals to make it possible. First you will have to learn the basics of piano. Then you will have to learn the techniques needed to play a song like that. It is scales? Arpeggios? Chords? Whatever it takes, you break it down into achievable goals. Then success is only a matter of time.

The greatest thing about setting up small, easy to manage goals is you’ll be completely surprised on how fast they’ll benefit your career in a really positive way.


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