Piano Basics – Levels 1, 2 & 3

Piano Level 1 – Get your musical feet wet.

If you’ve never played piano before, this is the place to get started. We cover everything you need to give you a solid musical foundation. In this level, you will learn how to begin reading music on the musical staff, play simple chords to add harmony to your melodies. Too may players skip these basic musical principles only to realize later that they are missing certain techniques to become great players. Make sure to absorb all of these concepts well and repeat as necessary. At the end of the course, we give you a simple exam to make sure all the techniques and concepts stuck. Once you are ready, you can move on to the 2nd level.


Piano Level 2 – Time to go in waist high.

In this level, we take things up a notch and explore some more in depth musical concepts including scales, reading the bass clef and more musical terminology. Scales are at the core of any great piano players technique and in this level, we not only show you how to play scales, but also give you the theory behind how scales are constructed. The more you know how things work, the better the concepts will make sense. We also show you how to read the bass clef, which is critical to playing any piece of music. We know that with lead sheets the reading of bass clef is usually left by the wayside but we could never do that. Great piano players are great at reading music. How could you claim to know a language if you cannot read it? Level 2 will open up a new world.


Piano Level 3Piano Level 3 – It’s time for the plunge.

In this level, this is where it ALL comes together. We bring a whole new group of musical terms including staccato and legato as well as dynamics so you can play with a broad range of sensitivity every time you sit at the piano. We also dive into some advanced concepts(because I know you can) like playing piano for singers and chord progressions in different styles. We have seen too many piano players great at one things but critically lacking in another area of playing. The aim by the end of this 3rd level is to have prepared you well enough to be ready to become advance in area of piano playing you desire. Level 3 will prepare you for where you want to go.