CLAVE – The Key: A Rhythmic Journey from Africa to the New World

07/11/2011 6:44 am ,

Multiple Grammy nominated drummer, percussionist,arranger, composer, bandleader Bobby Sanabria uses the 5-beat rhythm of the clave (the rhythmic pattern and unifying principle of Cuban son, rumba and contemporary salsa) as the “key” to unlock the roots of Afro-Cuban music and show its presence in the music of the present day United States.
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If you have the time, make sure to make it out to this amazing concert/lecture. If you are just starting to learn the piano or already play the piano extremely well, I guarantee you will get something out of this. Some of the best pianists I have ever met were well rounded musicians that could understand and play different styles of music. Salsa is a great genre that will not disappoint when you sit at the piano.

Happy playing!