Percussion instruments, especially the congas are as fun as music gets when it comes to playing an instrument. Who hasn’t tapped on their steering wheel with the radio, followed the beat of their favorite song or flat out danced like a fool to the rhythms of percussion instruments? Portable, easy to learn and quick to enjoy, percussion is useful for so many situations and you will never be left out when people jam.

If you’re new to percussion, we recommend our Level 1 course in order to lay down a proper foundation of both music knowledge and conga technique. This way, you avoid some of the pitfalls that many percussionists fall into early in their playing.

You’ll be equipped with good technique to make your practice time valuable and get you playing your favorite tunes quickly and properly.

Enjoy and we’ll see you at your first lesson.

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Great Percussionists to Check Out

Tito Puente
Bobby Sanabria
Alex Acuña