Steinway Pianos Sold to Private Equity Firm

dbpix-steinway2-tmagArticleAn Era Gone

As crazy as it may seem, Steinway has been sold to a private equity firm for almost half a billion dollars. I am not sure how I feel about it just yet but it definitely is strange to read the headlines and not have a reaction. I remember when I would visit the Steinway showroom on 57th in Manhattan and play as many grands as they would allow me before they politely asked me to leave. Actually in all fairness to this amazing company, they were always kind to me and although they knew a high-school student was not ready to plunk down 30 thousand dollars for a baby grand, they allowed me to enjoy the pleasure of trying them out.

Steinway will always be my favorite pianos, I have a history with them.

There is little in terms of a verbal description that one can say when describing what it’s like to play a Steinway but it still remains to this day my favorite, by far, piano to perform on. All throughout my college days, our newly refurbished concert hall had acquired a Steinway Grand and it was heaven to play on and the few times I was able to sneak in a rehearsal or two, it was also magical.

What do you think of the sale of Steinway and what are your favorite pianos/keyboards to play on?

Happy Playing!


For the NYTimes Article on the sale of Steinway, click here.