Happy Birthday … Stewart Copeland !!!

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”]Stewart Copeland

Born today July 16, 1952
Drummer most known for his work with the Police and Curved Air, also played with Manzarek-Krieger and Gizmo.

Small Bio

Seriously one of the best drummers ever !!!! This guy is amazing, he’s got such a personal style. He gave the Police such a distinctive unique sound. You can’t mistake his syncopated style with his beats.
Born in Alexandria, Virginia, in the United States, soon after moved with his family to Beirut, Lebanon since his dad was a CIA officer. Stewart grew up there and learned to play the drums. He is known for precise, energetic, and creative rock-influenced drumming along with a Lebanese and jazz influenced style.
He’s amazing. Plus, he’s a super hotty…was and still is !!!
Check out his website and blog to see what he’s up to:

We have always loved Stewart Copeland from his days with The Police and even got to see him live on their last tour just a few years ago. He is an amazing inspiration to so many drummers and musicians throughout the last 30 years. Even as a piano player, you can learn a lot from this amazing player. It reminds us that we can take a simple rhythm and make it awesome. AS you continue to learn the piano, even if you are playing a simple four chord progression, make it interesting and never make it boring.

Play the piano with passion and intensity, just like Stewart plays his drums! Happy Birthday and thank you for all your inspiration.

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  • Sebastian

    That is so cool! I love Stewart Copeland and think he’s by far the best drummer out there.