Phase 2 - Day 8

The Goal: Playing a Boogie Woogie Left Hand Pattern in the Form

piano keys
Now it’s time to use our new Boogie Woogie left hand patterns in the blues form. We will be playing a C Blues which means we need our I(C), IV(F) and V(G) chords and patterns first. Practice those before trying the entire blues form and you will sound great.


Boogie Woogie Pattern for Each Chord

Here are the patterns for the 3 chords we will need in this C Blues.

3 chords for pattern #3


Time to Play!

Let’s try our Boogie Woogie left hand pattern in a C Blues.

Left Hand Patterns in the Form Quarter Notes


Tips for Great Left-Hand Patterns

  • Start at a slow tempo
  • Practice with the metronome or drum track
  • Focus more on ‘feeling’ than counting each individual beat
  • Don’t forget to have fun!