Piano Lessons for Kids with Color Me Mozart

Color Me Mozart Little Mozart Music Set

Learning music at any age is wonderful, however, learning music at a young age is life changing. That is why we created a music learning system for your child or students. Color Me Mozart™ was designed to bring the joy of music education to the beginning stages of a child’s life. Using colors and shapes, Color Me Mozart™ uses existing knowledge to teach the foundation of music.

Music Education Made Easy

We know that offering music lessons to your children or students can often be difficult. Our system lets anyone share music with a child. No previous music experience is needed. Everything is laid out sequentially and is easy to follow. Your child will know how to read, play and write the notes C, D, E, F, G, A, B & C in the treble clef. Even if you don’t know what that means yet, you will and you’ll do it together with your child.

Color Me Mozart Xylophone

Learning music should be a fun experience. Like any other language, it also needs to be taught as early as possible. Learning languages during our developmental years make them easy to absorb. That is why it is so challenging to learn a new language as an adult. Music is just that, a language. You learn to read, write and speak it. The younger you are, the more fluent you will become over time.

Unlimited Support

When teaching music, what you need most is support. On our sister website, ColorMeMozart.com, we have a dedicated section just for you as a parent. This section includes, printable songs, worksheets, flash cards and most important of all, video tutorials to guide you through the process.

Music is meant to be a shared experience. It brings us all together in so many ways. What better way than learning music together? For more information, click here to visit ColorMeMozart.com.