Playing C Major Scale

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Playing the C Major with the right hand uses a technique in which the thumb comes up under the 3rd finger when playing the scale up and passing the 3rd finger over the thumb when playing the scale coming down.
The fingering going up is: 123_12345
The fingering coming down is: 54321_321

C Major Scale


Sheet Music & MP3’s
Click here to play C & G7 Chords- Exercise #2

C Major Scale

Cool Tip

Why do I have to do the “thumb under” and the “3rd finger over”?
Why are these fingerings important?

We have only five fingers on each hand. Think about the number of notes you need to play from the first note to the last note. Unless you can grow more fingers, you won’t have enough fingers to cover all the notes you need to play. That is why you need to do the “thumb under” and “3rd finger over” techniques, which free up more fingers to use. If you use proper fingering from the start, you will be able to play accurately with any speed.