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Hey and welcome to Intro to Guitar, Level 1. We’re so glad you joined us and we are ready to teach you how to play the guitar. In the following lessons you’ll learn the basics of playing guitar.

We’ll be going over playing chords, it’s amazing what you will be able to do with just a few simple chords. We’ll learn how to tune your guitar, how to play melodies and get you prepared with the foundation for your guitar career, whether that’s playing for you and your friends, fulfilling a personal promise that one day you would learn or planning a world tour.

We’ll go over every step, slowly to give you plenty of time to follow along. Remember, the goal is not to get through all of these videos in one day or one week. Give yourself plenty of time in between lessons to review and play what you learned. The guitar, like all instruments need quite a bit of muscle memory to get used to so be patient and have fun.

In this course, we will cover:

  • Parts of the Guitar
  • Tuning
  • Notes
  • Simple Melodies
  • Chords
  • Practice Tips
  • Strumming
See you inside for your first lesson and get ready to play guitar!