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John Mayer
Dave Matthews
Ani DeFranco
Andres Sergovia
Eric Clapton
Paco DeLucia
Django Reinhart
Steve Vai
Richie Sambora

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A little about the Guitar…

 There are a few basic parts of the guitar:

  • Headstock: The headstock holds the tuners which allow you to loosen and tighten the tension of the strings in order to tune the guitar it’s proper pitches. The headstock also holds the nut which distributes the strings evenly across the fretboard in order to play them comfortably.
  • Neck: On the neck we find the fretboard, where your fretting hand presses down to create the notes which allow you play the chords from your favorite song or learn a solo There are also small dots known as position markers which make it easy to find the 3rd,5th,7th,9th, and 12th frets respectively..
  • Body: The body of the guitar is where the sound is produced on an acoustic and where the electronics and pickup are on an electric. The bridge keeps the tension on the strings and on many guitars we find a pick guard to protect the body of the guitar from being scratched when we use a pick.

The guitar can be learned by traditional music notation and we a unique system called tablature as in the example below…

Steel Guitar Tab

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