Finding the Right Practice Schedule

Phase 1 - Day 5 - Classical

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The Goal: Developing a Great Practice Schedule

Learning Piano When people hear the term “practice”, they usually cringe and think of long boring hours of doing the same old thing over and over. Nothing could be further from the truth! In reality, well organized practice sessions is the difference between a mediocre player and a great player. I want you to be a great player. For that to happen, we need to find a way to organize our practice time in an affective manner whether we have 60 minutes a day to practice or as little as 10 minutes.

Every great practice session includes a mix of elements in order to become a well rounded piano player over time. Many musicians skip certain aspects of practice and therefore get stuck on a plateau over the years. My goal for you is to never experience a plateau and always continue getting better.

3 Parts to a Great Practice Session

1. Technique
2. Sight Reading
3. Learning specific piece(s)

On the tab at the top you will find three different practice schedules to print out. The schedules are divided between 10, 30 and 60 minute practice sessions. Choose the one that will work for you and keep it close to your piano so you can check off each box as you practice every day.