Piano Movie Review: They Came to Play

They Came to Play

They Came to Play

I am at heart a pianist and have always loved not only to play the piano but also to watch others play the pieces that I love. I enjoy hearing the different ways a Mozart Piano Sonata can be interpreted or how someone else would approach a Chopin Ballade.

This documentary is not only a chance to see that but also a chance to see non-professional pianists perform at a very high level. It’s a film about the Van Cliburn Amateur Piano Competition in Texas.

I must say that I was blown away by not only some of the performers ability at the keyboard, but also their genuine stories and lives. Everything from a jewelry salesman to a Lockheed & Martin employee, their backgrounds are as varied as they come.

With plenty of surprises along the way, this is a very charming film about everyday people reaching extraordinary goals within their piano journey. Refreshingly transparent, it is a must see and I assure you that you will not be disappointed. If you like being inspired, then you have to make sure to watch this film. I find that it is easy to sometimes get into a rut when learning the piano and it’s movies like this that will get you motivated and excited to get back to practicing and playing.

The website for the movie is here at: They Came to Play
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