Piano Movie Review – Amadeus


Mozart at his best

I cannot believe this movie is already 30 years old! Although I was just a kid when it came out, I still remember falling in love with this movie when I was introduced to Mozart’s music. When I first starting playing the piano, I quickly discovered who my favorite composers would be. Chopin was at the top of the list, but coming in at a close second is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Aside from some of the most beautiful melodies ever penned, his music is some of the most fun to play on the piano.

This movie is the fictional story of Mozart’s rivalry with his contemporary Salieri. Although Salieri was a great composer in his own right, he did not have the fame or longevity that Mozart’s music had all these years. In case you aren’t sure of this film’s validity within the movie community, it won 8 Academy Awards!


Tom Hulce does a wonderful job in the role of Amadeus and I cannot think of a more perfect casting. One of the most memorable aspects of Hulce’s Mozart is his laugh. You will find yourself recalling this cackle well after the film is over. The portrayal of Mozart and his childlike demeanor is spot on based on accounts of Mozart from history. He was known to be of jovial spirits and play piano and party well in to the night. He was also terrible with money and managing his life.

These character traits proved to be perfect for Peter Shaffer and Milos Fornman to use as a nemesis for Salieri. Salieri’s character could not understand how this overgrown “child” could be used to compose such wonderful music. It drove him mad. Mad enough to contemplate murdering the young Mozart. F. Murray Abraham was absolutely amazing playing the tortured role of Salieri and you can easily feel a connection with his frustration and tortured soul. You almost find yourself rooting for him, despite his diabolical plot to destroy Mozart.

Final Thoughts

Words are truly not enough to describe my love for this film and aside from having love for the piano and Mozart, I believe anyone would find this film to be superb. There are some incredible moments where we here Mozart shining at the piano, improvising melodies on the spot, even playing it upside down at a masked ball.

If you’ve seen the movie, what did you think?
~Adrian Edward