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Homeschool Piano




Learn on your own terms and take your lessons with you anywhere. We offer everything you need to start playing now.

Our 1-Year Homeschool Piano course is easy to follow along and can be learned by everyone in the family. Watch each lesson and follow along with our 150-page workbook with exams along the way to make sure each concept is learned thoroughly and effectively.


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Piano courses that make sense.

We design our piano courses and lessons with one thing in mind: keep it simple and keep it moving. Each lesson is carefully designed to move smoothly into the next. With our complete course, you never have to guess what comes next and you can be confident you are setting up a great musical foundation for years to come.

Follow along easily. Each lesson is numbered to make it simple to follow along all year. Simply press play and start learning!

Online Piano Courses


HD lessons that play perfectly on ALL your devices.

In addition to 3 DVD’s, you will also receive a full year of free access to all lessons on our website. All of our piano lessons are delivered in perfect HD resolution and served from the best video platform available. Whether you take your lessons on your tablet, desktop or your 60″ LCD TV, you’ll get great quality every time.

Piano Lessons on Ipad


Piano lessons the entire family can enjoy

There is nothing like sharing the joy of music with your family and children. The great thing with online piano lessons is that you can be a part of their journey right there with them. Learn together and have a great time.

Is the perfect homeschool piano curriculum that your family can enjoy for years to come.

Music with the Family


All the tools you need to be a great player.

To learn how to play the piano, you will need the right tools. Those tools include a metronome, worksheets, play-along tracks and exams. We give you all the tools right in your lessons to assure your success. Great musicians use great tools to learn, period.



Become part of a new community of musicians.

One of the coolest aspects of learning music is that you instantly become a member of a universal community of musicians. From now on, anywhere you travel in the world, you will be a welcome part of so many new musical experiences. Musicians always love to talk and share about their love for music.

Homeschool Music

Free Homeschool Piano Lessons