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A little about the Drums…

 There are a few basic parts of the guitar:

  • Snare: The snare drum is the most important drum in your kit and produces the sound the cuts through most in songs dri­ving the beat for­ward. The sound produced is a high pitched vibration created by the wire “snares” stretched along the bottom head of the snare drum.
  • Bass Drum: The bass drum is the punch at the bottom of your drumkit, the boom-boom-boom that drives the music forward, works with the bass player to establish a groove and kicks out important accents.
  • Toms: Your toms are the color in your kit. A typical drumset will have two or more toms; the more toms you have, the more options you have when playing fills or solos around the set.
  • Cymbals: A drum­set is more than just drums..it also contains several cymbals of various types. Cymbals are made from cast or stamped brass and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and weights. Every set should have at least one of these three types of cymbals: Ride, Crash & High-Hat.

The drums can also be played using drum notation as in the example below…