New Music – Isaac Albeniz

albenizIn this new series we will be featuring new and interesting things going on in music as well as re-discoveries of great things past and how they shape today’s sounds. New artists and music trends or interesting items in general that sometimes don’t make it to mainstream reporting and media.

I love discovering new sounds, new trends in music and styles taking shape out there. Music is ever evolving and it’s amazing to witness this nowadays especially, having so much access to so much around the world and in an instant. We’re very lucky to live in this crazy high speed renaissance.

This week I came across this beautiful piece by composer Isaac Albeniz, a Spanish Catalan composer and pianist from the late 19th century/early 20th.  This piece is called Asturias on piano. If you are new to learning the piano, I definitely suggest listening to Albeniz. He is a fiery composer that really brings out a special sound on the piano. It’s a lot of fun to play and it never gets dull. It challenges all piano players, but in a good way.

Have you played any new pieces lately on the piano? Share any cool experiences that may inspire others to try new music. In the end, we always want o be moving forward and developing as both piano players and musicians.


Hope you enjoy it as well and I’ll see you next time….