Musical Dictionary: Allegretto

The Music Workshop Musical Dictionary


Simply:  Tempo that is moderately fast (but less than Allegro)
More:  As we have already seen tempo in classical music is described in terms originating in italian. Here we see the term Allegretto which is generally marked in modern terms by an average of 110 – 120 bpm (beats per minute)
Symbol: none
Example: Here is the 2nd movement of Beethoven’s  Symphony No 7, II Karajan performed by Berliner Phil played in Allegretto

Beethoven\’s Symphony No.7 played by Berliner Philharmoniker

If you are in the process of learning how to play the piano, it is important to continue to learn new musical terms and terminology. The more you can identify within a particular musical score, the easier it’s going to be to become a great piano player. When you first started your journey learning how to play the piano, perhaps it was difficult to be able to read a score, but as time went on, it slowly got easier and easier. Stick with and keep absorbing all you can and most of all, have fun playing!