Musical Dictionary: Tempo

Tempo Simply:  Rate of speed of the piece of music More:  Tempo is written at the beginning of a piece of music. In modern music this is noted as bpm (beats per minute). In classical music there are terms such as Allegro, Allegretto, Andante, etc., originally written in italian, used […]

Musical Dictionary…..Allegro !

        Allegro A lot of us have heard this word before but you may not know what it means exactly. Allegro: means happy in italian. But what does it mean in music. Simply put Allegro is a tempo. It’s a fast paced, cheerful,  happy sounding pace (not […]

How to Choose and Buy a Metronome – plus Free App

Don’t have a metronome yet? Overwhelmed by all the choices? Don’t know where to go to get one? Let’s try to answer these questions easily and painlessly, I promise it it will painless! Here are some choices below: Korg MA30 Digital Metronome $19.95 Manufacturer’s Description for Korg MA30 Digital Metronome […]

Musical Dictionary: Allegretto

Allegretto Simply:  Tempo that is moderately fast (but less than Allegro) More:  As we have already seen tempo in classical music is described in terms originating in italian. Here we see the term Allegretto which is generally marked in modern terms by an average of 110 – 120 bpm (beats […]

Musical Dictionary: Accent Signs/Marks

Accent Signs/Marks Simply:  To play the note or notes louder More: These symbols mark a louder dynamic on that/those note(s). They make a more pronounced marking when played. There are different symbols as noted here. For example: Staccato, the first symbol shown above, indicates that the last part of a […]