Breathing & Posture

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The Goal: Proper Breathing & Posture


Breathing is obviously important for singing but can often become clouded in mystery and terminology. Breathing for singing is an extension of what we are doing naturally every day.

When you breathe in, the rib cage and the lower abdomen move out and as you let the air out they return. Watch your lower abdomen go up and down and listen to the breathing pattern of your body.



Your whole body is involved in producing the sound when you sing, so it’s important that your body helps you perform to the best of your ability. You need an upright posture that is relaxed and open, so the breath can flow in and out effortlessly.

The feet should be planted firmly on the floor about shoulder width apart with your weight evenly distributed. The knees should be relaxed and not locked. The chest should have a feeling of openness with the arms hanging loosely at the sides.