Salsa Piano Course

Day 1

A Little Blues History
Swung vs. Straight 8th Notes

Day 2

Major & Mixolydian Scales
Mixolydian Scale over C7 Chord

Day 3

Blues Scale

Blues Scale over C7 Chord

Day 4

Chords – Triads

Triad Inversions

Day 5

Chords – Sevenths

Seventh Inversions

phase 2- banner

Day 6

The 12-Bar Blues

Blues in the Key of “F” and “G”

Day 7

Left Hand Patterns – Part 1

Left Hand Patterns 1 & 2 in the form

Day 8

Left Hand Patterns – Part 2

Left Hand Boogie-Woogie in the Blues Form

Day 9

Ending a Blues Tune in Style

Turnarounds – Back to the Top

Day 10

Right Hand Comping

Sliding & Crushing Notes

phase 3- banner

Day 11

Mixolydian 3rd Patterns

Crushing 3rds

Day 12

Drone Notes Add Some Flavor

Drone Notes in Action

Day 13

4 Great Crossover Licks

Crossover Licks in Action

Day 14

Time to Boogie Woogie

Cool Little Intro Link

Day 15