Where I’d rather be going…

12/12/2011 8:09 am

The Music Workshop
And so the week begins. My physical body goes through the motions of a typical work week while my mind takes a brief trip to the above picture. You see, it’s not that I have an aversion to work, a busy schedule or even a large amount of responsibility, it’s a complete and totally disdain for the cold weather. There, I said it and for all of those that already know this about me I apologize.

It’s not that I don’t see the charm that is held within a crisp winter morning or the beauty that hides in each and every snowflake of a Holiday snowfall. I do, I see those things and more yet in order to receive and experience those little luxuries, we must pay the price of low temperatures and for me, that price is way too high 🙂 Keep your snow o’ winter climates and I will keep my short sleeve and short wearing climate forever.

With all that said and being off my chest, I will now wish you all a beautiful start to this yes, chilly week, and hope that you are inspired to live fully and not little the little snags of each day get in the way.

much chilly love