What guitar do you play?

Taylor GuitarWe all have our favorite toys and guitars are no different. Every guitarist takes special pride in the instrument that he or she plays and I too, have my favorite axes.

When I first started playing I bought an Aria Pro II. Many of you might not even have ever heard of that company. I loved it and eventually I took it apart, sanded it down and had my father paint a wonderful design on it as you can see here. I then moved on to a few acoustic guitars, a few more electrics and then my crowning jewel which combined the best of both worlds is my Taylor T5.

I wanted a guitar that eliminated feedback issues at my shows but still had a great acoustic sound and at the same time be able to provide a killer electric lead when I needed it. I bought my Taylor and never looked back! It is incredibly made like all Taylors and gives me what I need when I need it.

What guitar are you playing and why do you love it? Is it time for new one?

happy strumming

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