Turning Over a New Piano Leaf this Season


A Great Season for Music

I don’t know about you, but I love the autumn. The winter, not so much, but this season of changing leaves and chilly temps is always a nice reminder of change. I also find it a good time to sit down and reevaluate goals, progress and things of the sort, especially when it comes to our piano playing and piano lessons. The reason I feel it’s a good time for that is because typically, the summer proves to be a season that most of us take things a little bit easier than the rest of the year and get out there and enjoy the weather. I don’t blame you one bit, that’s exactly what I do. At the end of summer however, we tend to find that we have to play a little bit of catch-up with things, whether it be exercising, reading or playing the piano. In this case, I am here to help with the last one on that list, how to get back to a great routine with learning the piano and end the year strong.

Getting Back on Track

When it comes to getting back on track to any activity in life, the most important thing is to come up with a plan. Your piano practice routine is no different. Perhaps you had a great piano routine prior to the summer. A few minutes after work or a few minutes before the day officially began in the morning. Whatever the perfect scenario is for you, it’s time to set that up again. It will be different for everyone because perhaps you have a hectic morning, getting the kids ready for school or a long travel time to work so the evenings work better for you.

The key to learning the piano effectively is to set aside a time instead of waiting for a chunk of time to show up magically. As we all know, in the craziness and busyness of life, big chunks of time don’t come around often.

Remember Why You Started

Don’t forget to remind yourself why you started taking online piano lessons in the first place. Maybe it was to finally cross an item of your bucket list. Maybe it was to fulfill a life-long dream you’ve had. Whatever the particular reason you have for learning how to play the piano, it’s important to keep that reason in your mind. It’s what will drive you towards reaching your goal. Greatness is not stumbled upon, it is reached by those who seek it and I know you can too in this piano journey you are taking.

Small Bits of Piano

This is a topic that I remind students a lot about. Although it would be great when possible, it is not necessary to try and schedule long periods of practice time in order to have an effective practice session. Small bits of practice at the piano, consistently over time, will work better than trying to schedule a big block of time that rarely comes. even if it’s just ten minutes here and ten minutes there, all those small moments add up to big progress int he long run.

Trust me, I’ve seen too many people give up because they didn’t think they had enough time. We’re not training to go to Carnegie Hall, we’re learning the piano to bring the language and beauty of music into our lives. Keep it fun and manageable and you will have an infinitely better time with this whole experience at the piano.

Happy Playing!
~Adrian Edward

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  1. Meredith Willis

    I enjoyed reading this article. This article was excellent in a motivational manner with a focus on disapline. All my favorite things, fall, piano and planning… thank you for sharing and happy playing.

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