To the person who broke my car window…

12/20/2011 10:49 pm

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Good evening. This is a small message to the person who found it necessary yesterday to break my car window and steal my guitar.

First of all, I can’t say I blame you. Guitars are pretty darn cool and if you’ve always wanted one and didn’t want to get caught in the Holiday madness, this was a way easier way to get one. So with that said, I want to offer you some helpful tips to help you should you decide to do this again to another stranger.(By the way, the bill for the window is $135 + $3 for a new air freshener. ┬áNo hurry and yes, I do accept paypal)

Some tips & thoughts:

  1. If giving the guitar as a gift, please include me on the From: part of the gift tag, it’s only fair
  2. New strings are a must, especially to rock out your favorite Holiday jingles.
  3. I’m assuming you used your elbow since there was no remnant of anything inside the car. Get that checked out, my car has the cooties.
  4. This year must have been rough if a used guitar inside of a car is at all enticing so Happy Holidays and I hope 2012 is better than this year.
  5. Next time try one of the doors, you may be surprised.
  6. Pop rocks do rock and Rice Krispy Treats always make me feel better so you may want to try that next time you get a case of the Mondays.
  7. If you personally know me and I just got punk’d….what can I say….you got me!
So that’s my message. See, not too aggressive? Just some helpful tips, thoughts and reflections.
Good night and much guitar playing love

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  • meredith

    I am so sorry Adrian for your experience… Please tell me that it was not the guitar that your father made for you?

    Was there a street camera anywhere around your car?

    I stopped locking the doors to my car a long time ago. Why bother? If someone wants or needs something, I own that bad, then just take it! That’s my thoughts…

    A few years back, I was at a soccer stadium in the city. I had a $350. oo camera (a gift earned with an art scholarship) in my car. My camera was used for my photography classes in college. Needless to say in my situation the camera was replaceable; yet the camera did mean something to me.

    When someone decided to bust out the back passenger window of my car blessing themselves with my belongings. I was very angry! It sucks when people steel from you.

    Hopefully, your insurance covers the window and guitar under theft protection?