There are always two choices…

12/22/2011 7:39 am

Today is one of the those days that seem to scream, “look how crazy I am!” As I lay there a bit restless in the few moments before actually standing up and starting my day, I thought how crucial those first few thoughts are to the rest of my day. I had already decided it was going to be a stressful day and I could already sense my mind going in circles with no end in sight.

Then I began thinking that at the same moment that I was worrying about x and y, there were countless and yes, I do mean countless things going on all around the world that were way tougher than whatever it is seems difficult in my head. I don’t exactly know where we get the notion that our problems are bigger than the rest of the world’s or even that maybe nobody else has troubles like we do, but alas, the human ego knows no bounds.

So with those thoughts looming about in my mind, I decided to put things into perspective for the sake of a reality check. Will today be stressful? Perhaps. Is it as serious as I think it in my mind? Most likely not. Are there way more serious and trying challenges occurring elsewhere? You betcha! By the way, if you stress out about the Holidays and buying gifts and hustling about, then you definitely need to change your perspective. Would you have sympathy for society whose woes are about buying things? No group hug for you! 🙂

Two trains to take. One takes you to a place where you keep things in perspective and don’t utter cliches such as, “I am so stressed out!” and the other takes you to a place where you say things like, “I stressed out about that?”

By the way, they both go to the same place, it’s only you that arrives different.

Keep privilege and worrisome things in their proper column this time of the year, you’ll be that much more Merry, I promise.

much all aboard love

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  • Madelyn

    You are so right about that. Thank you for always writing meaningful words that seem to do me a lot of good with every day that passes by. You should know that you are appreciated by many and loved by all. Take care of yourself and may your holidays be as wonderful as you are. Happy Holidays from one Brooklynite to another.