The Secrets to a Great Open Mic Night


Having a Great Open Mic

Once you begin learning to play the piano, there will come a time where you will want to share your talent with the world. One of the best places to begin your performing career is at Open Mic Nights. You can find Open Mic Nights in just about about every town and a quick search on the internet in your area will uncover a list of them including the days of the weeks and times available.

When I first started playing at open mics, I wish someone would have given me a few pointers and tips to make my experience a better one. So with that in mind, this post is directed at saving you some growing pains when you fell it’s your time to take the stage and share your talent.

Tips for a Great Night

  1. Get there early to sign up because the later you signup, the later you will play and the fewer people will be there to listen to you.
  2. Have your songs well rehearsed and practiced. Too many people think that an Open Mic is a place to take unfinished songs. That is not true and you should always be professional and well prepared.
  3. Treat the sound person nice, he or she are the ones responsible for making you sound great to the audience so be nice 🙂
  4. Choose well known songs. At an Open Mic you typically have a maximum of 2 songs to share so make them count. It is not the time to be obscure. Give the audience something to remember you by. If you want to play original music, choose 1 original and 1 cover.
  5. Smile and offer a short(under 1 minute) story about the song you are playing. Engage the audience and they will remember you.
  6. Last and most important: HAVE FUN! Too many musicians take performing too seriously and forget to have fun. Don’t forget the reason you are playing music in the first place.

Playing in front of an audience is extremely rewarding and I recommend it to every musician without exception.
So get out there and signup and have a blast! Let me know how it goes.



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