The Rules of Harvest…

06/08/2012 7:30 am

In a time where things take milliseconds to travel thousands of miles to your browser, It’s easy to forget how real timing works, the one that God set up in the natural world. The laws of sowing and harvesting will forever remain the same and to be quite honest, I am happy this is the way it is.

If we step back from our iphones, laptops and fast living, the things in life we cherish most: a strong family, great friendships and the dreams inside our hearts, those things take a lifetime to achieve and be proud of. There is no shortcut or instant way to achieve these things. in fact, the more we try to rush those types of things, the shorter the results last.

So, on this very unique and new Friday, as with all days, I say to all of us: “Let us sow the seeds of things that we will be proud to harvest tomorrow.” Being shortsighted is a very unfortunate crutch in this life and one that will never let us truly progress.

Sow on my friends!

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