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First off, let me start by saying that it’s been way too long since last I wrote but it has been for good reason so please keep the scolding back a bit. A lot has been going on and I should emphasize that it’s a lot of great things, both professionally and personally. One of the great things I love about life is that when you step back and look at what works and what doesn’t, the same principles that work in one area of your life work in others.

I recently, and I mean very recently started doing the infamous P90X workout and man oh man is it tough. As I was writhing in pain through the workout I noticed that the character traits and discipline that take you to a higher fitness level are the same  needed to achieve anything to a new level.

We could live for a million years and no matter what we amy think, the same principles apply in all areas of our lives. Hard Work. Discipline. Persistence. Dedication. Passion. Patience.

And you know what? I love that it’s the same rules for everyone. All these traits will take you to where you want to go and as an added bonus, allow you to enjoy this ride of life with intensity and passion.

With all of this I leave you with a word of encouragement if you are on the road to learning to play an instrument. Don’t give up. It’s supposed to be challenging, then the rewards wouldn’t be so sweet. You are not alone and yes, it’s just as frustrating at times for all of us. I challenge you to exceed “good enough” and move up to “giveing it your all” as I am attempting as well.

Happy Dig a Little Deeper Saturday to everyone

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  1. Jennifer Stevens

    Thank you Adrian, for sharing this lil reminder.
    Too many times we tend to forget the principles that fit into so many other things in our lives & sadly too many give up. There is a poem named, Don’t Quit… The whole poem is amazing & gives one food for thought but one of the verses that keeps me going is. “Don’t give up tho the pace seems slow… You may succeed with another blow.”
    I personally have been going thru some very trying times & have felt to give up at times. Another verse of that poem will run thru my head when I feel to give up… “Rest if you must, But don’t you quit…” So I trudge onward & am thankful that I did.
    I can’t tell you how much strength you have given me just by reading your lil blog. So I thank you my friend, for reminding me that if we just keep on keeping on, we will succeed.
    Have a very Blessed night & weekend.
    Jennifer :0)

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