The galloping of time…

01/14/2012 9:53 am

, via Wikimedia Commons”]I would have said one of the traditional phrases like “where does the time go?” or “time flies when you’re having fun” but neither seemed to truly capture the essence of what I feel many of us experience each day.

Time is a strange thing to say the least. Baffling scientists and philosophers alike since as far back as we can see, time has proved to be that one uncapturable and indomitable part of life. Sure we’ve divided it neatly into manageable chunks to be more productive but that is hardly close to extending it.

And for all the impossibility of stretching time or making it slow down, I have found one method to maximizing the enjoyment of time and that is to use it for creating treasurable things and making moments that will outlive time ten fold. Beating time with time management is fruitless but beating time by creating eternal consequences, that is where I place all my chips.

Now is fleeting and most of us spend too much time investing in the fleeting when we could be saying to the clock, “you are useless to me because I don’t measure my life with you anymore.”

here’s to taking back the joy of sunrise to sunset

P.S. If you know anyone that may want to learn to play an instrument, please feel free to share my site with them. Thank you always for believing in what I do and spending a few moments from your day with me.


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  • The size of that dial on that clock looks like my bathroom scale.

    “you are use­less to me because I don’t mea­sure my life with you anymore.”

    Thanks for posting this.
    I’m going to toss the scales. 😉