Speak another language

05/28/2012 9:06 am

I like this quote by Mahler. I guess it goes for anything in life. If we could simply express everything with words, there would be no need for other forms of expression. Art, movies, songs, dance, even a bouquet of flowers would be unnecessary and yet as humans, we constantly need a different way to send a message and express our feelings.

What is your language of choice besides words?

Mine, of course is music and it has been my trusty partner in crime for many years. Universal, flexible and able to express the widest of emotions, music, for me is one of my favorites. I think we often forget that these are completely different languages than the ones we speak and it takes time to develop a fluency in them.

And so I say to you on this sunny Monday, find your expressive language and learn it well, it opens up a whole new world in your life.