Sing For Hope Pianos, All Across NYC – June 2013

Pop_up_pianosNEW YORK – Sing for Hope Pianos will take 88 pianos, which are donated and restored to working condition and ask artists and school children to customize each with crazy colors and designs and then plant them throughout New York City’s streets and parks and let anyone that has the desire to do so, play them.

I though this was such a great idea and I cannot wait to visit of few of these piano myself this weekend. The two-week festival first debuted in 2010. It returned the following year under the name Pop-Up Pianos but took a backseat last year due to lack of funding.

The festival is part of an outreach program by Sing for Hope, a grassroots group of over 1,000 artists who volunteer to make art broadly accessible to everyone.

The pianos, which are mostly uprights, but do include some grands, will be placed all across New York City from June 1-16 this summer such as Times Square and Central Park. For a list of all pianos, visit the Sing For Hope website here.