Shaking off the dust…

If we can be honest here for a minute, I think we could all agree that our path in life is not always steady and linear but more often than not, reflects a zig-zag like the shape of a bolt of lightning shooting from the sky.
That is why it is extremely important to stay motivated with the right things and shake the dust off of everyday life. If we don’t do this, then the small things that entangle our day soon become the big things we focus on and pretty soon we lose big picture of what we’re supposed to be doing.
So on this very fine Monday morning(yes I know it’s Monday for me too) shake off the daily dust of life, decide to focus on the important things: family, friends, health, spiritual life, your big goals and then walk out the door with your mind on the right things.
Here’s to an amazing life right outside our front door. Btw…We don’t get an extra award for sweating and worrying about the small stuff đŸ˜‰

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