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It’s no secret that we all like to play games. The good thing is that if we play games that will teach us something or at least are related to a topic that we enjoy, then we can kill two birds with one stone. There are many great musical and piano games online and we will be featuring a new one every Saturday.

This game is called Music Match is simple and easy to play. You simply listen and see which note is played by the computer on the keyboard and then try to find that note on the staff. What I like about this piano game is that it involves both clefs, treble and bass. Too often, we focus on the treble clef too much and forget about the bass clef. Out goal as pianists is to always play both hands with equal skill.

Is there a music or piano game/app that you find useful or fun? Please share it with us so we could all try it.

Enjoy a break from your practice routine and see how well you do. Click below and Good luck!

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