No wait, I want to go kite flying instead…

12/28/2011 8:35 am

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Last night I was lucky enough to sleep one of those sleeps that only seem to happen when we were in grade school. Forget even 8 hours, I got 10 hours! It was bliss. Now let it be stated that I am not a fan of sleep. I am much too hyper and have always viewed sleeping as a big waste of time.(you can pause here for a moment and say how crazy I am, then move on)

But yesterday I needed it. Boy oh boy, if there was ever a day where my mind was mush, my body was aching and my mood was cranky it was yesterday. So I changed the date on my mile long to-do list for today’s date and faded off peacefully into dream land. As I awoke today, things seemed a bit different, in a good way of course. The best way I could explain it is that some of the clich├Ęs we utter in life like “smell the roses” and “one day at a time” actually feel real to me now.

It may be in part due to the fact that lately I have been thinking of when we were children we didn’t think about so many things at once. Our list of concerns was focused and intense. I noticed as adults we not only add to that list of concerns but a whole new level of keeping up with the Jones’ and appearance come into play and it is absolutely exhausting. I have heard people say “I don’t care what others think.” I wish I could honestly utter those words.

To be concerned of your neighbor’s well being is noble and of eternal importance but to be in competition of his possessions is a waste of our lives.

much kite flying love…bring some hot chocolate it’s windy and chilly out there today