New and Interesting: M.I.A.

10/31/2011 8:25 am
New and Interesting artists is a section we’d like to dedicate to artists on the rise out there or in the under ground scene or maybe just someone who’s work stands and deserves a listen. I love to listen to music that’s developing, that plays around with all sorts of new sounds or mixes styles. That’s the fun thing about music: we all start out with the same notes but it’s truly incredible everything we can make with it.
Enjoy ! And if anyone has someone they’d like to recommend for review let me know in the comments.

Featured artist in this post:


is an English singer-songwriter, rapper, record producer, painter and music video director of Sri Lankan Tamil descent.
Her music combine elements of hip-hop, electronica, dance, alternative and world music.
Her father a political activist and her mother a seamstress who worked for the Royal Family created a chaotic upbringing for her and her siblings who all later relocated to South London where she grew up.
She has become widely known for her combo of elements in music that have given her a distinct and unique voice.

Here’s Galanga by M.I.A.

The Music Workshop M.I.A.

M.I.A. with Galanga

October 10th. 2011