New and Interesting Artists: Lykke Li

New and Interesting artists is a section we’d like to dedicate to artists on the rise out there or in the under ground scene or maybe just someone who’s work stands and deserves a listen. I love to listen to music that’s developing, that plays around with all sorts of new sounds or mixes styles. That’s the fun thing about music: we all start out with the same notes but it’s truly incredible everything we can make with it.
Enjoy ! And if anyone has someone they’d like to recommend for review let me know in the comments.

Featured artist in this post:

Lykke Li

  • I think you’ll like this Swedish singer/song-writer.
  • Her sound is very personal and sensual.
  • She combines elements of pop, indie rock and electronic music;
  • Various instruments can also be found in her songs, including violins, synthesizers, tambourines, trumpets, saxophones and cellos.
  • …Listen to one of her latest songs…I Follow Rivers by Lykke Li
Lykke Li Swedish singer song writer
Check out Lykke Li in I Follow Rivers

October 17th. 2011